Any owner should be able to: emergency rules for cats and dogs

Each responsible owner must have certain knowledge and skills in order to be able to help the pet in danger before providing professional veterinary care and thereby preserve the health, and sometimes life, of the beloved ward. The main rule is that you should never panic. In any situation, it is necessary to maintain calm and calm, accurately and confidently perform the necessary manipulations.

Healer Juna made a sensational statement about the Ebola virus

Renowned healer Juna Davitashvili, who after the death of her only son in an accident, practically left the world, gave a frank interview for the first time in a long time. In a conversation with reporters, Juna said that no sanctions imposed by America on Russia, it will not destroy. On the contrary, it is the United States that will face many misfortunes in the near future.

Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko will sing for the Russian millionaire

Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko does not hide his anti-Russian views. In social networks, she quite offensively speaks about the policy of the President of Russia, and about the entire Russian people. In her country, Anastasia goes to military garrisons, speaking in front of the militants. However, yesterday an audio recording of the conversation of the director of the singer Oksana Kravchenko got into the Network, after listening to which you can draw completely unexpected conclusions.

5 most useful breakfasts

For many decades, there is a proverb about breakfast, which you definitely need to eat yourself. Nourishing, tasty and healthy, it can charge with energy, give strength, vigor and good mood. “Fast” carbohydrates eaten for breakfast will split up for a long time and supply the body with fuel.

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What is interesting grape "Galahad": a description of the variety, its advantages and disadvantages. Features of planting grapes "Galahad" and care for the variety

Grapes "Galahad" is a relatively new variety of Russian selection, which quickly gained popularity among professionals and amateurs. The vine is adapted to the Russian climate - tolerates frosts, is resistant to diseases and gives stable crops. How to grow this variety, you will learn from the publication. The history of the creation of the variety "Galahad" and a detailed description of the grapes Variety "Galahad" was developed as a result of complex selection by the employees of the Institute named after

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Despite the progressive development of pharmacology, many people prefer to get rid of diseases by non-traditional methods. One of the areas of traditional medicine is herbal medicine - the treatment of various pathologies through the use of medicinal plants. Positive aspects of herbal medicine: • natural, natural raw materials; • minimum number of contraindications; • availability of ingredients; • relative safety of use.

Wife of Valery Meladze does not want a divorce

The wife of Valery Meladze, Irina, does not want to part with her husband, but the singer himself is persistent: their marriage has long reached an impasse. The spouses were not present in person at the hearing, having been instructed to represent their interests to lawyers. Irina’s lawyers asked for three months for reconciliation, but the court singled out only two.

How do nerve cells find their place in a growing brain?

In embryonic development, countless cells migrate to the place where they will fulfill their function in later life. How exactly they get to a particular place is only partially understood. Scientists from the University of Bonn have already identified a possible mechanism for brain development. What conclusions have scientists come to?

Diet for the lazy - minus 12 kg in 2 weeks without a hunger strike. How to effectively lose weight on a diet for the lazy: minus 12 kg in 2 weeks - is this real?

Not every woman who wants to lose weight can decide on a strict limited diet, and if she decides, then withstand it. Especially for such people, a unique weight loss technique has been developed called "for the lazy", which will allow you to lose up to 12 kg of excess weight without significant changes in the diet - a very small result in 14 days.