Forcemeat cutlets in a slow cooker - delicious, juicy, with a crisp! Recipes and options for minced meat cutlets in a slow cooker

Minced meatballs are cooked by many, but few people do it in a slow cooker.

In fact, the kitchen helper copes with this task perfectly, you just need to know a few subtleties in the preparation of such cutlets.

Forcemeat cutlets in a slow cooker - general principles of preparation

If the type of minced meat is not indicated in the recipe, then the composition can be any. The most delicious cutlets are obtained from a mixture of beef and pork, sometimes chicken, lard, turkey and other products are added.

What is usually put in the cutlet mass:

• onion garlic;

• egg;

• bread;

• semolina;

• spices.

It is not necessary to lay everything at once, it is more reasonable to trust the recipe. Sometimes mushrooms, cheese, various vegetables and cereals go to the minced meat. They increase the yield of the product, improve the taste and make it unusual.

In a slow cooker you can cook cutlets for a couple, if there is a special pan. You can also fry and stew products. In the second case, sauces, broths are prepared with which pre-fried cutlets are poured.

Recipe 1: Steamed minced meat patties in a slow cooker

To prepare such meatballs in a slow cooker, you will also need pieces of white bread. You can take a dried loaf or loaf.


• 3 slices of bread;

• 2 eggs;

• 500 grams of minced meat;

• 1 egg;

• salt pepper;

• 2 onion heads.


1. Pour slices of bread with milk. You can use water or any broth. The liquid should cover the product. Leave for ten minutes, can stand longer.

2. Chop the peeled onions in small pieces, shift to the minced meat.

3. Add eggs, pressed bread.

4. Season the cutlet mass with spices and mix thoroughly.

5. Then we take it in our hands and with effort we throw it on the countertop. We beat the minced meat in this way several times, then divide it into 8-10 identical parts.

6. With moistened hands we form cutlets.

7. We spread the formed products on the stand for steaming.

8. Pour water into the multicooker, place the stand.

9. Close and cook for 35 minutes on the appropriate program.

Recipe 2: Minced meat patties in a slow cooker with tomato

A variant of juicy minced meat patties in a slow cooker with tomato sauce. This dish immediately solves the issue with gravy, suitable for absolutely any side dishes.


• 500 grams of minced meat;

• 1 onion;

• 1 egg;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• spices;

• butter.

For gravy:

• onion head;

• one carrot;

• 500 ml of tomato juice;

• a spoon of flour;

• spices.


1. Mix the chopped onion with minced meat, throw the chopped garlic and add the egg. Assu thoroughly knead, put different spices to your taste.

2. We form small cutlets. You can roll in flour or bread crumbs.

3. Warm up a little oil in the slow cooker. We use the program "Baking".

4. Fry cutlets on both sides.

5. While there is a preliminary roasting, chop the onions and carrots.

6. We take the patties from the multicooker, add the vegetables for the gravy and passer in the same oil.

7. Once they are browned, add the flour. Scatter evenly, do not let lumps form.

8. Pour in tomato juice. You can use just grated tomatoes. If there is nothing, then simply dilute the paste or ketchup with water. Warm the sauce.

9. Put the patties, close the slow cooker and cook for half an hour on the "Stew" mode.

Recipe 3: Steamed minced meat patties in a slow cooker (with rice)

A variant of juicy minced meat patties in a slow cooker with rice. Grains need to be pre-boiled until cooked in any way, you need about 200 grams. But butter will give special juiciness to products, which is laid inside. It is better to hold the product for half an hour in a freezer.


• 0.4 kg of minced meat;

• 0.2 kg of boiled rice;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 1 egg;

• 1 large onion;

• salt, black pepper;

• 50 grams of butter.


1. Peel the garlic with onions, chop the vegetables finely and shift to the minced meat.

2. There we break the egg.

3. We throw boiled rice. Grains should not be boiled.

4. Add salt to the cutlet mass. Pepper, you can throw other seasonings at your discretion.

5. Knead the minced meat and make small balls out of it. Between themselves, they should be the same in size.

6. Divide the prescription oil into pieces, the amount should correspond to cutlets.

7. Put a piece of oil in each lump, sculpt a cutlet.

8. We shift onto a pallet for cooking steamed dishes.

9. Pour the right amount of water into the slow cooker. To make the cutlets more fragrant, you can add a couple of peas of allspice, a bay leaf to the liquid.

10. Turn on steam cooking for half an hour. If necessary, you can cook a little longer.

Recipe 4: Mushroom Minced Meatballs in a Multicooker

The recipe for incredibly fragrant minced meat patties in a slow cooker, in which you need to add just a little bit of mushrooms. At the same time, the dish turns out to be unusual, goes well with side dishes of boiled cereals, potatoes.


• 0.15 kg of champignons;

• 2 onions;

• 0.4 kg of minced meat;

• 2 slices of bread;

• egg;

• spices;

• butter;

• 200 ml of broth.


1. Cut the onion heads, toss in a slow cooker, pour a spoonful of oil and fry a little.

2. Cut the champignons into small pieces, transfer to the onion and fry until almost ready. We take everything out of the multicooker, cool.

3. Soak slices of any bread in milk or in water, slightly squeeze and transfer to raw minced meat.

4. Add the fried mushrooms with onions and break the raw egg.

5. Season with spices, knead thoroughly.

6. Divide the dough into 10 pieces.

7. Wet hands in water, form round, high balls. It is better not to do flat patties so that everything fits in the multicooker bowl.

8. Turn on the baking program, fry the patties on both sides in oil.

9. As soon as the products are browned, pour 150-200 ml of any broth, you can use tomato juice or just boiling water. It is advisable to add a little salt.

10. Turn on the "quenching" and cook for about 20 minutes under the lid.

Recipe 5: Minced meatballs in a multicooker "A la stuffed cabbage"

Another option for juicy minced meat patties in a slow cooker. They can also be called lazy cabbage rolls, all thanks to the addition of cabbage.


• 0.5 kg of minced meat;

• 0.3 kg of white cabbage;

• onion head;

• egg;

• spices; vegetable oil.


1. Shred the cabbage with small strips. It is better not to use a blender or a meat grinder for this purpose, otherwise the forcemeat will turn out to be liquid.

2. Put in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and mash hands. As soon as the juice appears, stop doing it.

3. Chop the onion, throw to the cabbage. You can add garlic.

4. Add the raw egg, put the salt, stir. If desired, we throw other spices, you can add a couple of sprigs of herbs, but only chopped.

5. Knead the chopped meat with your hands.

6. We sculpt small products of any shape.

7. Fry in a slow cooker in preheated oil alternately on both sides until cooked. Then you can add a little water, any sauce and stew.

Recipe 6: Minced meat cutlets with potatoes in a slow cooker

The recipe for cutlets with raw potatoes in a slow cooker that reminds taste of butterflies. Minced meat can be taken any, but better with the addition of lard. Then the products will be more juicy.


• 0.4 kg of minced meat;

• a glass of hercules;

• a glass of milk;

• 2 potatoes;

• 2 eggs;

• 1 onion head;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• spices, oil.


1. Flakes need to be poured with milk in advance, let stand for a couple of hours. Oatmeal should swell well. We send to the stuffing.

2. Add chopped onion, throw chopped garlic and egg.

3. Peel the potatoes, rub and add to the bulk.

4. Season future cutlets with different spices, be sure to salt and mix quickly.

5. After adding the potatoes, you need to immediately begin to fry, until the mass has started the juice. Therefore, immediately turn on the frying program and pour a thin layer of oil, let it warm.

6. Sculpt oval cutlets, fry on both sides until rosy. This will take about 20 minutes.

7. We take out the cutlets, serve independently or with any side dishes to your taste.

Recipe 7: Minced meat cutlets in a slow cooker (with zucchini)

For the preparation of these delicate cutlets, you can use not only meat, but also minced chicken. You can take any zucchini, zucchini is also suitable.


• 500 grams of minced meat;

• 250 grams of zucchini;

• 3-4 tablespoons of flour;

• 1 clove of garlic;

• 1-2 eggs;

• salt, black pepper;

• for frying oil;

• 100 grams of butter.


1. Rub the zucchini on a medium grater, salt a little and leave for five minutes. We merge the allocated juice.

2. Add minced meat or chicken to the zucchini, break the egg and throw the flour. Squeeze a clove of garlic.

3. The butter is cut into small cubes, but so far we’re not going anywhere.

4. Pour a little oil into the slow cooker. Warm up.

5. Hands form small patties and fry on one side.

6. Turn over to the other side and throw a piece of butter on each fried cutlet.

7. Fry until cooked, remove, serve hot or warm.

Forcemeat cutlets in a slow cooker - useful tips and tricks

• Never use fresh bread to make cutlets. Only stale pieces. Otherwise, the product may become sticky when soaked. Instead of bread, you can soak crackers.

• If you use dry and lean meat for cutlets, you can add a little fat to the minced meat. Also, butter, cheese, fat sour cream or cream can improve the taste of cutlet mass.

• If the onions are pre-sautéed in butter, then the patties will be tastier. But it’s important not to overdo it, otherwise the onion pieces will burn up when frying the main product.

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