Baldness treatment does not make sense: women like bald men. Why?

American sociologists carefully studied the problem of male pattern baldness and came to the conclusion that bald men are able to give odds to the owners of normal hair.

Moreover, bald hair is not a problem at all: ladies are dying from such men and secretly consider them sexier.

We also tried to figure out our secret desires.

I'm fine!

Researchers from the American University of Barry (Florida) argue that baldness is not a cosmetological problem from the category of shameful and unpleasant, but physiological norm.

You will be surprised, but baldness in 45% of the examined men normally begins at the threshold of the 35th birthday. When they reach 60, the vast majority (about 65%) do not have a single hair on their heads. Moreover, this trend does not depend on nationality and has been recorded for several centuries.

In addition, scientists associate baldness with an increased level of male hormone - testosterone. The more it is, the higher the sexual activity. It is testosterone that adversely affects the hair follicles and leads to baldness.

The phenomenon of bald men

Volunteers included in the research group measured various social indicators: the level of aggressiveness and intelligence, the degree of social realization and physical attractiveness.

Scientists have been able to scientifically confirm that bald men are better socialized. They are successful in social and personal life, they have greater ability to adapt in society compared to the "ordinary" representatives of the strong half of humanity.

In addition, the most important nuance in terms of personal life was revealed. Bald men showed a new form of social domination. It is completely devoid of threatening aggression, which people perceive as a signal of danger.

Women delighted by bald

Phenomenal non-threatening domination is exactly what women really like. They instinctively prefer strong, socially successful men to those who do not have these qualities. And hair has nothing to do with it. Bald men seem to us, girls, more serious and experienced - in every sense.

The Americans in the published survey results assure that the ladies choose the gentlemen, including the degree of their hair. And it doesn’t matter if the partner’s head shines like a billiard ball, or if an obvious baldness is visible on it. Although, of course, completely bald men look more stylish and confident. Yes, and behave the same.

In addition, adolescents also know about testosterone and its special significance for partners in the age of the information revolution. So we, girls, subconsciously look at bald men as on very desirable intimate partners, in which everything is normal with potency and sperm production. You must admit that in relations between men and women, physical intimacy is one of the most important points.

So that's why the ladies lose their heads from the charismatic Bruce Willis and Fedorov Bondarchuk! We have long suspected that bald head plays an important role here ...

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