Meatballs with rice (step by step) - attractive balls in sauce. Cooking delicious meat and fish meatballs with rice

Minced meat and fish dishes are popular in all cuisines of the world. Firstly, they are tasty, and secondly, the nutrients contained in them, after grinding, are absorbed faster and better. Meatballs are not only useful, they attract even babies with their appearance, who often refuse other meat dishes. In addition, dietetic meatballs can be given to crumbs who are less than a year old.

Step-by-step meatballs with rice, suitable for lunch and evening menus. The dish is a meatball stewed in a sauce. Unlike other minced meat dishes, rice and vegetables are added to meatballs, sauces are different, but the most popular are tomato.

General principles for cooking meatballs with rice step by step recipes

• Traditionally, meatballs are cooked on the stove or stewed in the oven; there are many adapted recipes for such a dish for a slow cooker. Regardless of the preferred cooking option, the main condition should be taken into account - it is undesirable to stack meatballs in more than two rows, so the dishes should be selected deep and wide. It is desirable that it be thick-walled or with a multilayer bottom. Enameled containers will not work, the sauce in them burns easily. If you decide to cook in the oven, take a non-stick baking sheet or a fireproof glass mold. Gosyatnitsa is perhaps the perfect dish for both ways.

• Stuffing for meatballs is suitable from any meat, the choice depends on personal preferences. Pork meatballs are popular, but the most delicious are obtained from mixed minced meat, when pork and beef are taken in equal proportions. For the dietary option, it is better to use poultry: chicken or turkey. For lovers of fish dishes, you can serve meatballs with rice from large marine fish. It is important that it is homogeneous, so twist the meat products in a meat grinder twice, using the smallest grate.

• Cooking meatballs should start with preparing rice. It is best to take round grain cereals. Such rice quickly absorbs and retains moisture, due to which the meatballs are juicy. In addition, round-grain groats, even after thorough washing, do not lose their stickiness, which is necessary for bonding the stuffing.

• Rice before use is sorted without fail, in the croup there may be litter and husk. After that, it must be washed several times with a stream of cold water, and only then boil. There is no exact ratio of rice to water, but keep in mind that round grain cereals require a lot of fluid. Boil the rice until cooked meatballs do not require, after boiling it is enough to boil over low heat for no longer than a quarter of an hour. Rinse boiled rice is optional. So that it cools down, and all the excess moisture comes off, just throw it in a colander.

• Add minced meat to the meat so that the meat or fish balls are juicy. It is crushed in a meat grinder or grater. In addition to rice and onions, other ingredients that improve the palatability can be added: cheese, garlic, spices and spices. For a better bundle, eggs, bread crumb or white breadcrumbs from ground crackers are mixed in the minced meat.

• Form meatballs with your hands, for the convenience of your hand moisten them with water. The size of the meat balls can be different, it all depends on the desire of the cook.

• Stew or bake all kinds of meatballs in the sauce. Most often, tomato dressing is prepared, in which, to soften the tomato taste, put sour cream or cream. Sauce for meatballs can be prepared to your taste, it should be enough to cover the meatballs completely.

Meatballs with rice: a step by step recipe with tomato sauce


• minced meat - half a kilogram;

• a small carrot;

• 60 gr. rice groats;

• 2 tablespoons of thick, unsalted tomato;

• eggs - 2 pcs.;

• large onion;

• four tablespoons of oil;

• half a liter of water;

• 50 gr. sour cream, medium fat.

Cooking method:

1. After sorting the rice, rinse with cold water, and then boil for a quarter of an hour over low heat. We throw the semi-finished cereal into a colander and slightly rinse with warm water, dry it.

2. Finely chop the onions, carrots, cut thinner, with straws, or rub coarsely. After pouring a little oil into the pan, fry the vegetables over medium heat until soft. We try to stir more often, cook under the lid, transfer to a plate and completely cool.

3. Using a wide bowl, mix the eggs in the minced meat, sprinkle with pepper, add the rice, the cooled roast, add salt and knead well.

4. With moistened hands, we form round meatballs, the size of a small tangerine. We put it in the prepared container in one or two rows.

5. Tomato with sour cream, mixing, dilute with boiling water, slightly add and pour the resulting sauce to meatballs. We do this very carefully, trying not to get into semi-finished products. Pour the meatballs so that they are completely covered with sauce and put the container on an intense fire.

6. As soon as the sauce begins to boil, set the minimum heat. Stew meatballs, filled with tomato and sour cream sauce, for at least 40 minutes.

Delicious meatballs with rice: a step-by-step recipe with Adyghe cheese (in the oven)


• minced chicken, replace any, even fish - 700 gr.;

• 80 grams of rice;

• two tablespoons of tomato, GOST quality;

• a glass of sour cream, low fat;

• Adyghe cheese - 200 gr.;

• garlic;

• 150 grams of fresh "Russian" cheese;

• dried basil.

Cooking method:

1. Before half-cooked boil rice. We sort through the groats, rinse and, pouring cold water, put on maximum heat. Waiting for boiling, stir so that the pictures settled on the bottom do not stick, the water can be slightly salted. Next, slightly reduce the heat and cook for a quarter of an hour. It is important not to let it boil intensively, otherwise the shell of the grains will burst and the rice will fall apart, and for our purposes this is undesirable. We discard the rice in a colander and set aside to cool completely.

2. Adyghe cheese is crushed coarsely, using a grater, spread in a bowl. Add minced meat and boiled rice, add, pepper and mix thoroughly.

3. With wet hands, we form the desired size of meatballs, we put them in dense rows in a refractory form, trying to do this in one layer.

4. Cooking the sauce. After cleaning three small cloves of garlic, chop finely with a knife, transfer to a bowl. Add basil, tomato, sour cream, a little salt and stir. Instead of pasta, ketchup, tomato juice or grated fresh tomatoes are suitable, pepper and sauce to taste. If ketchup is required as much as pasta, then juice or tomato puree is at least 120 g.

5. We rub the hard cheese into small chips, stir the cooked sauce and fill them with the meatballs laid in the form. Sprinkle with hard cheese on top.

6. Put the dish in the preheated oven for forty minutes.

Steamed meatballs with rice: a step by step recipe with gravy as in a kindergarten


• half a kilogram of pork neck and beef tenderloin;

• a raw egg;

• a glass of round-grain rice;

• head of a bitter onion;

• 50 gr. coarse white bread crumbs, better than home.

In gravy:

• two tablespoons of wheat and one rye flour;

• 50 grams of frozen home-made cream;

• 20 gr. vegetable oil;

• two tablespoons of low-fat sour cream.

Cooking method:

1. The washed rice is washed and set to cook in 700 ml of cool water. After boiling, keep on medium heat until all the water has gone into the cereal. We recline on a sieve or colander and leave to cool.

2. Assembling a meat grinder, install a grill with the smallest holes. Twist the washed meat twice, then skip the peeled onion.

3. Put the mass in a bowl and mix thoroughly so that the pork and beef disperse evenly. Add the cooled rice, salt a little, put a quarter of a spoon of ground pepper. Pour the egg into the minced meat and knead well again.

4. Stuffing for meatballs is almost ready, it remains to introduce breadcrumbs. Do not immediately fall asleep all at once, intervene half the norm, and then try to form a ball. If it is not difficult to sculpt it, and it keeps its shape well, it is no longer worth introducing crackers.

5. We cut the meat mass into 24 balls, put it in the steam container of the multicooker or double boiler. We fill the cooking cup or the lower capacity of the double boiler halfway with boiling water and set the container with meatballs on top. We cook for a couple of half an hour, after which we put it in a pan and cover with a lid so that it does not cool down. We don’t pour water, we pour half a liter into a separate bowl, it will come in handy.

6. Cooking the gravy. We filter and mix the wheat flour with rye. After heating the pan, pour the vegetable, and without delay put the butter in it. As soon as the last is completely melted, we fall asleep the flour mixture, carefully mixing it with fat. Add sour cream and mix well again. Having achieved uniformity, we fill in half a liter of water left from cooking meatballs and again we thoroughly mix everything, avoiding the formation of lumps. Season with pepper, add a little, bring to a boil. Having poured gravy to meatballs, we extinguish it, covering it with a lid, for five minutes over low heat.

Fish meatballs with rice: a step-by-step recipe for a dish baked in cream sauce


• fillet of large sea fish (cod, pink salmon, pollock or hake possible) - 400 gr.;

• two full tablespoons of rice;

• 70 grams of slightly dried cheese;

• 1/3 tablespoons of pepper;

• 20% cream - two-thirds of a glass;

• a spoonful of ready-made spices for fish;

• milk or water - 100 ml;

• a small onion;

• 50 gr. crumb of white bread;

• two tablespoons of refined, high-quality oil;

• one egg (yolk).

Cooking method:

1. Pour the bread with water or milk and let it soak.

2. Rinse the thawed fish fillet, inspect for the presence of small bones, cut into large pieces and grind twice. In the same bowl, we twist the well-wrung crumb and onion with a meat grinder. Thoroughly knead the fish mass.

3. We wash the sorted rice, boil it in slightly salted water, as in the previous step-by-step recipes for meatballs with rice, until half-cooked. Having thrown back into a colander, we rinse well with cold water and leave it for some time so that the liquid leaves.

4. Break the egg. We remove the protein, and pour the yolk to the minced fish. Pepper, very gently salt. We put half the spices, rice and again carefully knead. We form round meatballs, up to 5 centimeters in diameter.

5. In a refractory form, pouring a little oil, lay out one layer of fish meatballs. For a quarter of an hour we put in a hot oven, and meanwhile we prepare the sauce.

6. Pour cream into a bowl, rub grossly cheese to them, pour out the rest of spices and a little more pepper. Slightly salted, stir and pour to baked meatballs. We put the form back into the oven, warm the meatballs in a creamy sauce for a quarter of an hour, no more.

Tricks for cooking meatballs with rice step by step recipes

• Meatballs with rice, prepared according to step-by-step recipes from our collection, turn out to be friable and soft. If you like thick ones - before pouring the sauce, lightly fry balls in vegetable oil.

• The sauce should be poured into a bowl with meatballs with extreme caution, as their integrity may be compromised. When pouring sauce, try to direct its stream between the meatballs.

• If there are a lot of meatballs and the size of the container does not allow them to be stacked side by side, pre-fry the semi-finished products. Due to the crust formed on the surface, the meatballs will keep their shape well, even if there is a second on top of the first layer.

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