Dermotonia as a method of losing weight for the lazy. How effective is dermatotonia, what result should I expect, contraindications for dermatotonia

If you want to get a slim and fit figure, but do not like to visit the gym, then you may like the effective method of active dermatotomy. Its main task is to combat excess kilograms and cellulite crust through the use of hardware vacuum massage.

Let's take a closer look at the principle of operation of this technique and the reasons for its high performance.

In what cases is dermatonia recommended?

Vacuum massage is recommended for a wide variety of problems related to the health of the skin: cellulite, postpartum stretch marks, irregularities, postoperative scars, skin atony. Weight loss is a possible so-called “side effect” after a popular procedure.

Who will she help

The method of active dermotonia is equally demanded by women of different weight categories. For various reasons, both thin and full ladies resort to vacuum massage. The procedure has virtually no contraindications.


Before holding a vacuum massage, each client passes a sensitivity test. For this, the beautician makes a test on the most sensitive area of ​​the skin, setting the minimum power of the device.

Then, under the supervision of a specialist, the power rises to the optimum value. If during the procedure red spots remain on the skin that do not disappear within 10 seconds, the beautician activates a gentle regime.

How is the massage

After identifying the degree of sensitivity of the patient’s skin, the specialist proceeds to massage. The procedure is carried out throughout the body, and not just in problem areas. The minimum power of the device allows you to properly warm up the skin before the main procedure.

Each stage of vacuum massage is carried out at a certain power, but does not exceed the indicator established during testing.

The secret of efficiency

The hardware technique allows you to cleanse the patient's body of decay products. Vacuum massage accelerates metabolic processes and improves trophic tissue. Such an effect leads to the effective study of the deep structures of the skin.

The hardware nozzle draws in a skin fold of 1-2 mm, which makes it easy to move it throughout the body. As a result, skin tone increases, the orange peel decreases and muscle tissue strengthens. This is a great and affordable way to correct the figure.

Expected Result

For the visible effect of conducting dermatotomy, one procedure is enough. Of course, this is not the result that can be achieved after a course of treatment, however, you can notice changes in the parameters of the figure. On average, after the third procedure, an improvement in the general condition of the skin can be noted. The skin looks healthy, smooth and not as dry as before.

Vacuum massage allows you to effectively combat cellulite and its consequences, in particular, disorders in the body caused by adhesions. This procedure ensures proper hydration of the epidermis.

To lose weight, you must additionally follow a diet and conduct regular training. Losing weight by 5-8 kg is a very real result when taking a course of dermotonia.

Actions after massage

After completion of the procedure, experts recommend observing a drinking regime. Drinking plenty of water is an important component of a successful result. For this, it is enough to consume up to 2 liters per day.

It is advisable to give preference, in addition to pure water, to the following drinks: tea with wild rose, cranberry juice, citrus tea, compote from currant.

Course duration

Depending on the complexity of the problem, the patient needs at least 10 procedures. It is important to emphasize that this is an active course that cannot be interrupted. In especially problematic cases, cosmetologists advise vacuum massage 2-3 times a week.

Are there any side effects?

Opponents of such a procedure often explain their choice by reluctance to feel pain impulses during massage. Some of them fear bruising on the skin.

However, the listed consequences are possible only with an illiterate mode of the device. When choosing the right power, the massage will be completely painless and enjoyable.


Dermotonia is safe during pregnancy and in the postoperative period. Vacuum massage can be taboo for thrombophlebitis - each case is considered individually.

It is noteworthy that modern devices for conducting dermotonia affect the body so gently that even this diagnosis may not be a contraindication to massage.