What is the dream of killing? The main interpretations of different dream books - what is the dream of killing

In a dream, you can witness both pleasant events that will give you joy and pleasure, and events that will lead you into a life impasse.

What is the dream of killing? How to interpret such a dream?

Why dream of killing - the main interpretation

If in a dream you see a murder from the outside, and you just can’t understand what’s going on, in reality you’ll get into a similar situation and you won’t understand what’s happening in your life. Can you count on something good and joyful from life, or is it already nearing its end.

Dream Interpretation does not advise to panic and be upset in advance, most likely. Such a dream does not portend anything bad to you, but only warns that it is time for you to take care of yourself and your health. You have to go in for personal life and forging personal connections.

It is also important to pay attention to such details of sleep:

• Have you been involved in a murder;

• Have you been killed?

• Have you seen blood;

• Did something in the dream scare you;

• Have you been afraid after sleep;

• Who else did you see in a dream.

If you dream that in a dream you are afraid of any rustling, afraid of any sound and worry that a killer is about to come to you - you are awake afraid of responsibility and do not want to be responsible for any business. Maybe. It's about your business in which you made a mistake and now you don’t know how to fix it.

If you dream that someone is knocking on your door and you understand that there is a killer behind her, troubles crowded at your doorstep, but do not rush to let them in on the doorstep. Let them wait a little while until you figure out what to do next.

If you are frightened by such a dream, do not rush to make hasty decisions. Better figure out what you really want from your life. Perhaps you - really want to change everything and no longer return to this issue. Maybe. You are subconsciously afraid of change and life will push you towards them.

If in a dream you kill a mother, you are morally dependent on her. You need to know her opinion, be sure to understand whether she approves of you. You are very tired of this and just want to build your life smoothly and calmly. You are tired of clarifying relations with her, and of the fact that she constantly controls everything that happens in your life.

But the dream book does not advise to accumulate insults and keep them in yourself. Better relax and enjoy your own decisions. They will be faithful. If you dream that you are killing yourself - such a plot in a dream promises you cardinal changes in reality. You yourself will step over the principles and achieve what you want. Everything will be given to you very easily, you can not even doubt it. If you are afraid to take the first step yourself to meet the changes - do not worry, life will lead you where you need to.

If you dream that a stranger shoots you directly in the chest - you will try to figure out the reasons for the intrigues, the reasons for dissatisfaction on the part of people close to you. You will hear a lot of truth from them, you can draw your conclusions from this situation.

You can also recognize your enemy by sight after such a dream. It will manifest itself and you will be surprised. If you are shot several times in a dream, in reality the troubles will also not be accidental. These will be the focused words and actions of those people whom you once offended or who were once denied.

If you dream of killing a child, you will be awake afraid of making some important decisions that will subsequently lead to global changes in life. If you dream that you are killing a child, you are afraid to show your weaknesses to others. You are afraid that they will play in your weak points and put you in an unfavorable light.

If you dream that someone an outsider is watching the murder and is not interfering - in reality someone will also be watching from outside and will not interfere with your problems. Will not help you, will not give advice. And you need help so much, you need support and advice. But it is a matter of time that you do not have.

If in a dream you are trying to figure out a difficult matter, to establish who the killer is, who committed the crime, then in reality you will also try to figure out which of the colleagues are not honest with you, which of the colleagues decides your fate in the way that suits him which of your colleagues is trying to take your place. Perhaps this will be your best friend among the colleagues with whom you shared the most intimate.

If in a dream you see the killing of animals, and you see a lot of blood - you are waiting for terrible showdown, you are waiting for mood swings, internal contradictions. On the one hand, you don’t want to swear, but you don’t want to completely obey the will of a person who is not right in everything.

If in a dream you write out information about the killings - you will be very interested in who really can harm you. You will collect evidence of otherworldly interference and come to the conclusion that many of the problems in your life are artificially created by you. You yourself take offense at people when it would be possible to forgive any household trifles to them. You yourself focus on the negative and do not want to believe that a bright future is possible. You yourself are increasingly immersed in melancholy and do not find a way out of it.

Why dream of killing according to Freud's dream book

In Freud's dream book, it is said that a murder is dreamed when the relationship is nearing completion. One of the partners has long wanted to get rid of them and not waste time on them anymore. The other partner, most likely, wants everything to be as convenient for him.

If you see in a dream how a man kills his beloved - you are very afraid of betrayal, very afraid of the betrayal that can happen to you at any moment. You are very afraid that you will be hurt and morally killed when you love. Fear paralyzes you and your life. You need to stop being afraid. And then you will quickly solve all your problems, especially if you stop being afraid of what is actually not there.

If you dream that someone is trying to kill you, but he doesn’t succeed, you will not fall into the trap and conflict, you will be able to avoid quite complicated relationships that will simply destroy you. You will no longer be afraid of such a relationship.

If you dream that someone is killing you and you feel cold and trembling in your body - in reality you will be very afraid of something, you will all be up to speed, you will worry and suffer, because for a long time you will not be able to explain to yourself your own state.

If a pregnant woman dreams that she is being killed, this is a very good sign. She will be able to get rid of those problems that have long plagued her. And he will be able to solve problems and issues with loved ones.

Why dream about the murder in the Esoteric dream book

In the Esoteric dream book it is said that the murder is dreaming of completing some complicated matter. If at the same time you see a huge pool of blood, then you will suffer losses and you will be forced to admit it. If in a dream you see yourself killed, it means that you will take too close to your heart those people who just want to help you with advice. They just want to support you, but they don’t know how best to express their feelings.

What is the dream of the killing you are observing from the outside? You will be watching from behind the close people and understand that they are largely wrong. You will gradually change your mind about them and it will destroy you.

Why dream of killing in other dream books

AT dream book Grishina it is said that killing dreams when you are tired of repetitive problems, repetitive negative scenarios. You want to get out of the vicious circle, you want to become a free person who can solve many problems and issues very quickly and effectively. And most importantly - you want to learn how to solve them yourself.

AT Aesop's dream book it is said that killing dreams when a person is afraid of his own desires. He needs to be more selective in desires and thoughts, he needs to trust himself more and not rely on anyone else. If a person dreams that someone from his family, someone from his family is killing him, such a dream will mean that he is tired of constant total control over him. He is tired of the fact that someone is always interested in him. I'd like to live for my own pleasure, to live for yourself. I really want support from loved ones, understanding and forgiveness. But while this is impossible, while everyone defends his point of view.

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