Swollen finger, sore nail: causes inflammation. How to treat a sore spot yourself at home?

Inflammation around the nail plate, the appearance of a pain syndrome can appear for completely different reasons and it is almost impossible to do without consulting a doctor. Do not worry if the pains are short-term. But if the finger swells and severe pain is manifested, then this is an occasion to consult a specialist.

Nail and swollen finger around the plate hurts: causes of the pathological process

There may be several reasons that provoke swelling and pain. Excessive physical activity, or work that is associated with active sports - all this can cause swelling around the nails and the appearance of a pain syndrome. The strength of the pain and its duration can be different. There are also a number of other root causes that provoke the progression of this ailment:

1. Injuries. Injury to a leg or arm as a result of mechanical stress, such as a shock, fall, or stretching, can cause complete discomfort. Injuries also cause many diseases. In case of injury of any nature, which is accompanied by the above symptoms, it is necessary to seek help from a doctor.

2. Toe tight shoes. With an illiterate selection of shoe sizes, choosing very tight shoes, wearing high-heeled shoes, this problem may occur. In addition, posture may be bent, corn may occur.

3. Frostbite or burns provoke a thermal effect on the skin, which leads to swelling and the appearance of pain.

4. Improper care. Nails must be properly looked after. Do not use unprocessed dirty tools during a manicure or pedicure. There is a risk of infection.

In addition to the listed root causes, pathology can provoke:

1. Systematic diseases. If the finger is constantly sore and swollen around the nail, then this may indicate arthrosis or arthritis. In the case of these ailments, pain occurs throughout the phalanx.

2. Failures of the cardiovascular system. In this case, not only the nail and dermis around it are affected, but also the finger completely. The dermis acquires a white hue, and may also become bluish.

3. Diabetes mellitus. Inflammation under the nail, which provokes swelling, can also indicate such a disease. In this case, cracks in the dermis and a burning sensation may also appear.

4. The growth of the nail plate. Most often, the nail begins to hurt and it absorbs around it due to the ingrown nail. This reason develops due to improperly processed nails.

5. The barbs. If there is pain and swelling of the dermis, then attention should be paid to barbs. Such a problem appears due to constant contact with household chemicals or vitamin deficiency.

Whatever the reason, it is very important to determine it and start treatment so as not to aggravate the whole situation.

What to do if the nail hurts and the finger is swollen?

Home therapy methods are effective, then only in the case of a complex treatment of the arising pathology. Alternative methods only help to cope with the manifesting symptoms. The causes that caused the inflammatory process will not be eliminated. Typically, the doctor is allowed to use such traditional medicine:

1. To eliminate puffiness and pain, a compress of finely chopped onions will help. The leaves of plantain and wormwood have the same effect.

2. If swelling and soreness are provoked by arthritis, then it is recommended to wipe the sore spot with apple cider vinegar. In addition, it is useful to make lotions from bay leaves or compresses from grated raw potatoes.

3. In order to get rid of arthrosis, and, consequently, swelling, you can make compresses from cabbage leaves.

4. When deforming the foot, an infusion of celery root will help to cope with the problem.

The listed recipes are effective in the initial stage of the disease. Until the patient goes to the doctor, it is necessary to remove the swelling. Warm baths with the addition of soda solution are particularly effective. It is important to remember that the liquid should not be very hot. Such procedures should be carried out with the same frequency up to five times a day, depending on the symptoms that appear.

Also, the result can be expected from:

1. Manganese. It has an antibacterial effect. The patient needs to prepare a barely warm solution. Water should only be slightly colored in a pinkish tint. If you go too far with the substance, then you can provoke burns of the skin. At the end of the procedure, the limb needs to be bandaged.

2. Kalanchoe. With this plant, pus can be pulled out from under the inflamed nail. It is purulent masses that provoke swelling and pain. If the patient develops a severe pain syndrome and the finger swells greatly, then a cut sheet of Kalanchoe should be applied to the affected area. Aloe will also cope with its task.

The duration of therapy depends on the stage of development.

What to do if the finger is swollen and the nail hurts: first aid to the victim

In order not to encounter complications, you need to know what you can do with an abscess and swelling at home, and what is not worth it. The rules of first aid are:

1. It is forbidden to pierce a purulent bladder on its own. A person will not be able to fully cope with squeezing pus, respectively, a positive effect can not be expected. This is a very dangerous procedure, as the risk of infection and blood poisoning increases.

2. The warm baths with the addition of chamomile broth have a positive effect. It is characterized by antiflogistic properties. After such procedures, the condition will ease and the pain will go away. At the end of the procedure, wet the limb with a towel.

3. After baths make compresses from aloe, honey and onions. Onions and aloe are very finely chopped. On a large spoon of the resulting slurry, add half a teaspoon of honey. Mix the whole mass thoroughly. But if after three days the recipes did not help and the finger continues to dig, then you need to see a doctor.

In the case of paronychia, traditional medicine offers the following recipes:

1. Laundry soap and baked onions. To obtain a healing composition, bake odon onion and crush it into gruel. Laundry soap grate. Take the ingredients in equal proportions and mix well. Put the resulting composition on a bandage, attach to a sore spot and wrap a finger. Replace the bandage with a fresh one every 4 hours.

2. Porridge from vegetables. Grate beets, carrots and onions on a fine grater and take each product in the same proportion. Add Kalanchoe or Aloe juice to the resulting composition. Put the cup on the bandage and rewind your finger. Such a tool very quickly copes with swelling, pain and suppuration.

3. A bath with salt and iodine. As soon as the first symptoms of swelling appear, and mild pain should immediately resort to a session. Add 10 drops of iodine, a large spoonful of soda and the same amount of salt to a glass of liquid. Hold the patient finger in the solution for at least a quarter of an hour, and then apply a bandage.

In the first stages of the disease with the surgical start of treatment, you can cope with the disease.

What to do if a nail hurts, swollen finger and pus appears?

If swelling around the nail is observed, which is accompanied by pain and purulent discharge occurs over time, then experts recommend resorting to such recipes:

1. Ointment from onions and gum. To prepare a medicinal product, take a large spoonful of vegetable oil, gum and pork fat. Mix all the ingredients very well and then add a large spoonful of wax and chopped onion. Pour the whole composition into the pan and warm it up, avoiding burning. Filter and refrigerate. As soon as the composition hardens, use as an ointment. It copes with swelling, pain and stretches pus.

2. Flour and honey. Prepare a cake from the components. Put 50 grams of honey and the same amount of grated laundry soap in a water bath. The result should be a homogeneous consistency. After add flour. It turns out the dough from which to mold a cake and attach it to a sore spot.

3. Agave. The thick leaf of the plant should be cut, attached to the affected area and attached to the finger. It perfectly draws purulent contents, eliminates swelling and pain.

With the correct execution of the entire sequence, you can achieve a result.

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