Trends of summer manicure: fruits, rainbow or geometric patterns? What a manicure in fashion this summer

Summer is the most beautiful time of the year. The warm sun, positive emotions, new experiences, bright colors, juicy fruits, the discovery of something new for ourselves - all this and much more surrounds us daily in the summer. But fashion trends do not care what the weather is outside the window or what day of the week, what season or hour, it is important for us to always look and comply with these trends.

Fashion trends exist in absolutely all directions, and nail design is no exception to the rule! Ahead you will find five major trends for our nails this summer.

1. Manicure with fruity notes

Many of us love the summer, not only for the opportunity to soak up the sun or relax one hundred percent, but also for the opportunity to please ourselves and our body with various fruits and summer fruits. Our nails love designs with fruity notes, as it looks simply amazing and catches the eye. Having placed fruits on all or several fingers, you will please with a beautiful, juicy and bright manicure not only of yourself, but also of those around you.

What are the best fruits to portray? Absolutely any! The main thing is that you like them. This design can be supplemented with a bright coating of neighboring nails or made droplets on top of the fruit, which have become very, very relevant over the past year.

The most popular designs this season will be, as always, watermelons, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, lemons and kiwis.

2. Summer peas

What should be a manicure with peas this summer and what is the best way to apply it?

It can be light, bright, unobtrusive, romantic, and the size or even the shape of a pea is not entirely important. You can make many small peas or make your fingers a few round peas. A round shape can be replaced with hearts, rhombuses, ovals or squares. These patterns give the image more playfulness.

You can decorate with this design as all fingers on your hands, as well as individual ones. If you think that your peas are not very bright or saturated, then you can decorate other fingers with different bright ideas for manicure, for example, given in this article.

3. Summer geometry

Geometric manicure has been with us for many seasons and is constantly changing its direction depending on the time of year, but overall remains unchanged.

Summer geometry should be bright and juicy, so we can use all the colors of the rainbow for manicure. And not only the geometric shapes themselves (circles, squares, rhombuses ...), but also strips having different directions and forming the shapes themselves will be relevant.

What should be geometric shapes? You can choose any of their options, alternating between different shapes, or choose one. It all depends on your desire, mood and taste.

4. Rainbow Ombre

Ombre does not leave us from year to year and from season to season, but each time it acquires new colors and trends.

This summer, the ombre of the brightest colors and the most unusual transitions, which are complemented by interesting drawings or ornaments, are very relevant. You can make various smooth transitions not only of one color or tone, but also immediately try to make it out of several colors. Use in your design the effect of color burnout, it will be very, very relevant this summer.

You can decorate the resulting nails with various designs, simple and complex ornaments.

5. Floral motifs

A manicure with floral motifs is relevant in the summer from year to year, because nothing is so associated with this beautiful time as plants, flowers, green grass, crops, ripe berries and much more.

Your image, chosen for nails, can be completely different, and most importantly, you can make it, both simple and complex ways. To ease your task when creating a composition on our pens, you can use special stickers that are sold in all cosmetic stores and are very cheap. If you know how to draw well or often go to nail salons, then you have a great chance to decorate your nails with a painting that will be not only bright and beautiful, but original and exclusive (it is impossible to draw the same picture several times, each new one will differ from the previous one) .

The image on the nails can be distributed in any way convenient for you - on all fingers or on certain ones, it all depends on your taste, imagination and mood.

Watch the video: Summer nails! (March 2020).