How to remain faithful in a long-term relationship. Reasons for cheating and ways to avoid going left

Treason can irrevocably destroy a warm and trusting relationship. Even having forgiven, loved ones lose respect for each other, and doubts about the fidelity of a partner gradually kill love.

It is generally accepted that men mostly change. In fact, women often enter into a long-term or fleeting relationship with a non-party, risking losing their loved one forever. What causes the betrayal, individually in each case, as it depends on the characteristics of the relationship and the nature of the partner. But there are factors that most often push women toward adultery.

1. Sexual dissatisfaction

Well, if an intimate relationship with a partner, whether spouse or lover, is not overshadowed by secrecy and constraint. Then the sexual desires and needs of both parties are fully satisfied, the couple values ​​each other. If relationships are not inherent in trust and openness, and cherished dreams remain only fantasies because of fear of misunderstanding, the risk of treason is always high. Indeed, with a stranger it is much easier to feel relaxed: with a casual connection, it does not matter what they think about you and your sexual fantasies.

Try to delicately and not hesitate to convey to your man your intimate preferences. He is close to you: do not be afraid to seem too sophisticated in love affairs. It is likely that he will like it. Then the barrier in your sex life will disappear, as well as a reason for treason.

2. Inattention on the part of the partner

The need for compliments, the need to feel welcome, beloved, lasts a lifetime. But with a long relationship, over the years, there are less and less tokens. Lack of tenderness, lack of admiration force a woman to seek what she wants on the side. The novelty of sensations, the ability to arouse passion in another man inspire and increase self-esteem.

If you strive to keep your relationship in good shape, show signs of attention yourself, say compliments and remain sensitive to your partner’s mood. Let's understand a man that is still subject to his charm and passion. Gentle glances and touches, hugs and kisses - take the initiative, thereby provoking him to respond.

3. Boredom

Relations between loving people cannot always remain passionate. The stage of romantic love gradually passes into the calmer stage of "earthly love." This state of feelings is natural for a pair of truly close people. But often it turns out that the monotony of routine days, everyday problems cause despondency, which is reflected in the relationship. Family life becomes gray, the spouse, except for boredom, does not cause other emotions. Brighten a dreary existence helps the romance on the side.

At first, a new love returns the brightness of life. But extramarital affairs quickly disappoint: secretive relationships are inferior, cause guilt, dissatisfaction. But the fact is clear - betrayal came from boredom.

To prevent this, find an activity that is interesting for both spouses. General business, leisure activities, sporting events, volunteering - for sure there is a field of activity that seems fascinating to two. Do not let despondency and boredom into family life.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol dulls the mind, removes the shackles of prudence. Artificial increase in libido and emancipation caused by the action of alcohol provoke betrayal. If in a sober mind a woman is selective in choosing a sexual partner, then under degrees she can do a lot of stupid things. A state of intoxication does not justify infidelity; in any case, treason is fraught with a break in relations.

It makes no sense to lose a man because of his deed under the influence of alcohol. Try to attend holiday events, corporate parties with your spouse or lover. Then you definitely will not get into a bad story, even after drinking too much.

5. Revenge

Having learned about the betrayal of a loved one, many women decide to take revenge. It does not matter that the partner repented and admitted the mistake. The desire to level the score forces you to do things, which you will have to regret later. Anger and resentment will pass over time, and the bitterness of his own betrayal will cause repentance.

If a man has violated fidelity, do not rush to do something urgently. Do not think about revenge, calm down and decide whether to continue the relationship further. Spontaneous actions, fleeting communication will only aggravate the problem and lead to an erroneous choice.

Not always the reason for treason are visible reasons. Sometimes an intimate relationship with another man is difficult to explain even to yourself. In any situation, do not let things go by themselves. If necessary, consult a psychologist. Make an effort and save the family if you do not intend to leave your husband and change your life radically. Decide on a break only with confidence that a new relationship will give tenderness and love.

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