Signs of a dying love

Tenderness develops into regular quarrels. The partner has new interests, you often try to leave for a girlfriend. Could this mean that love began to pass? How do you know that a relationship is nearing completion? Is it worth it to leave if there is no more love?
It would seem that everything is simple, which is completely wrong. Almost every person faced a choice: to end a relationship or pretend that everything is fine. What is the right decision: to leave or fight?

Consider some of the most common signs of a break. Perhaps thanks to them it will turn out to sort things out and come to the right decision.

1. The desire for loneliness is increasing. The situation is rather strange when the couple is inseparable all the time. A person needs time to be alone with his own thoughts. If the desire to be alone increases, you can safely say that relationships do not bring joy.
2. Do not spend time together. When a couple lives together, it is necessary to visit public places together: cinemas, shops, cafes. Happiness is not only about sex and watching television.
3. Friends come first. With a good relationship, it is possible to communicate with friends even without the presence of a partner. An alarming sign may be the desire to live in a rented apartment with a girlfriend.
4. Lack of intimate relationships. Many factors can affect the decrease in sexual activity during relationships: fatigue, malaise, stress. When the sexual attraction to the partner began to become dull, and sex is considered something obligatory and necessary, then it is worth considering.
5. No affection.Do not think that affection should be present during sex. Hugs and kisses should be, as well as attention to each other. Thinking about the break is when the touch of a partner is disgusting.
6. Stopped kissing. A good kiss can be compared with a passionate kiss. A love test fails if there is no desire to kiss.
7. There are no topics for conversation.You are ready to share secrets and talk with anyone, but not with the other half. This is a cause for alarm.
8. Pettiness. Everything starts to annoy: how he eats, drinks, his haircut and behavior. Persistent stress and nervous scandals can lead to serious illness. Not wanting to hurt each other, you continue to put up with each other.
9. Household duties are comparable to punishment.In any relationship, friction can occur during the separation of household duties. There is always a compromise, but if there is no desire to look for it, then why live together?
10. Stopped looking after herself.It doesn't matter to you how you look or whether you are attracted by the appearance of a partner.
11. The time for love letters has evaporated.Holidays have lost their meaning and significance. A loving couple will not miss the anniversary, Valentine's Day. Love ends at the moment when you stopped celebrating birthdays together.
12. You hear more and more that he is not worthy of you. True friends want to see you happy and know you better. Periodically it is worth listening to their opinion.
13. You begin to compare.Do you compare your partner with men, while the other half loses? Beware.

If you can check the box under all items, then this is a sign of pondering. Most people think that they are too picky and try to keep passing love, pretending that everything is fine.

Why live with someone who does not bring happiness to life? Are you afraid of change? Remember that life is so short that it is foolish to spend it on love without a future.

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