Curly Sue confessed to alcoholism

Anyone who in the early 90s was keen on watching American films on videotape was certainly well known for the movie "Curly Sue." The main character, played by Alison Portert, won the hearts of all who saw her at least once. However, life is not so rosy.

A former child star, and now a 33-year-old mother of two children, Alison openly admitted that she had previously experienced a strong addiction to alcohol. She said this on her blog, which caused shock among fans.

Seven years ago, Porter realized that life under the rule of a bottle no longer suits her and went to the clinic for rehabilitation. Now she is absolutely free from this terrible addiction. True, Alison admits that sometimes she has a desire to drink, which, however, she drives away with all her might. The former actress understands that a glass of wine will be followed by a cigarette, another glass, and there, perhaps, tablets ... Responsibility for the children makes Porter fight with herself. And while she wins.

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