Fly Mom: how to do everything while sitting on maternity leave

Every woman wants to be a good wife and a great mother. To do this, all-nothing-everything has time. Both the husband and the child should be satisfied with the results of the work of the mother sitting on maternity leave: housing should be cleaned, food should be prepared, and the woman should always be in good health and good mood. But how to manage everything if there is not enough time for anything?

It is safe to say that this situation is familiar to many women. Trying to solve this problem, a “fly-mom” community was created, the motto of which is the phrase “Putting life in order”. The purpose of this community is to teach women to distribute responsibilities around the house so that there is enough time not only for the improvement of life, raising a child and caring for her husband, but also for rest.

Becoming a fly mom is easy. First of all, it is necessary to look at everything from the outside: look and understand: "What am I doing wrong, why don't I have time to do everything?" The success of the fly-mom is in the correct schedule of the day, when the time of cleaning, cooking, and other duties is strictly defined. There is a daily fly mama with which a woman not only has time for everything, but also does not forget to make various trifles, such as, for example, transplant a flower or bring a long-broken coffee maker for repair.

The main rule of the flym is the gradual involvement in the system, step by step adoption of its rules. If you want to try everything at once, you can simply get confused, have nothing to do and eventually just give up. Calm, gradual and self-confidence - that is what is necessary in order to soar above household chores.

But, being carried away by the fly-moms system, many women begin to overestimate their capabilities and invent too many things that they simply cannot cope with. In this case, you only need to prioritize: which of the above is the most important and requires an urgent solution, and which can go into the column of a long-term solution and just wait. Nothing bad will happen if the fly-mom reassigns some of the household members of their responsibilities, thereby taking time out for themselves.

The success of housekeeping is a long-term business planning, and tamping up the results at regular intervals. Such a system will help not only not to forget about important matters, but ultimately will tell you what and when it was done wrong, where something needs to be reconsidered, and where to change it.

There are quite a few fly-mum rules, every woman changes and transforms them for herself. The main principles are step-by-step actions and non-deviation from the plan: cleaning means cleaning, and rest is only rest. An important principle is also building a relationship with a computer: during working hours, do not be distracted by the world wide web, because everyone knows that by going to the Internet for five minutes, you can lose five hours. Also, fly-moms do not do several things at the same time, although many say that it is inherent in women. Having qualitatively dealt with one case, we proceed to the next - no one needs haste. But this does not mean that fly-moms are slow, suck on the contrary: they are not in a hurry, but they do everything quickly and efficiently.

For example, the baby got sick and you invited a doctor. We urgently need to put the apartment in order, the way it will even be minimal. Where to begin? Of course, you need to take care of the first impression that will arise from a stranger who crossed the threshold of your home. So, wipe the mirror in the hallway and put a row of shoes. It's okay if the halves of pairs are lost somewhere. So far it is enough that the doctor does not have to step over a mountain of boots and shoes.

The second is the bathroom, where the doctor will certainly go to wash your hands. Urgently clean the sink, wipe the mirror and hang a clean towel. We throw the thrown clothes in a basket for dirty linen or in a drum of the washing machine. We put in order all sorts of jars, check for soap.

The room where the doctor will come to the sick baby should also be at least in the minimum order. Therefore, quickly collect scattered skins from tangerines, candy wrappers, paper. We carry empty cups to the kitchen. Check if the beds are made. And the finishing touch is to wipe off the dust and vacuum it.

All will take no more than 20 minutes.

Yes, and it is important not to forget about your appearance. Change the gown to a more presentable home clothes

There are a lot of such rules. Guided by them, you can not only have time for everything, but also find precious time for yourself, for your rest and for your favorite activity. And the effectiveness of such a system is confirmed by the huge number of fly-moms.

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