Lavash roll with crab sticks - a holiday for every day!

Puzzling over what kind of appetizer to prepare for the holiday, our mothers and grandmothers prepared for the celebration in a few days.

Thanks to the chef who invented pita bread, now we can easily create a bright and juicy snack in just 20 minutes!

It will be deliciously delicious and tender, because it will contain those products that perfectly overlap with each other. Do not believe me ?! And let's cook it together and you will see not only the speed of cooking, but also the economy of such a recipe.

You will need 8 servings:

- 400 g of crab sticks;

- 4 chicken eggs;

- 4 cucumbers;

- 100 g of hard cheese;

- 3 tbsp mayonnaise;

- 3 sheets of pita bread;

- 0.5 tsp. salt.

It makes no sense to bake pita bread yourself, unless you are an excellent culinary expert who is well versed in baking, since only kitchen appliances are capable of thinly rolling out a layer of dough. That is why use the store option and get 3 sheets of pita bread, since they are all wrapped in one package.

Defrost crab sticks in warm water in advance. Thus, they absorb moisture and will not taste dry. Boil chicken eggs for 10-12 minutes until cool.

Rinse fresh cucumbers and remove ponytails. Rub on a coarse grater into a container.

Immediately pour a few pinches of salt there and mix. Salt will contribute to the release of liquid from cucumbers, which you will need to drain in 10 minutes. Otherwise, the cucumbers will release the liquid, already being rolled up, and the dough will soften from it.

Cut crab sticks into circles. You can also grate, but this requires patience.

Grate and hard cheese on a coarse grater.

And then boiled eggs. If you cook a roll of homemade eggs, then boiled yolks will give it a more saturated color.

Open the bag with pita bread and start laying out the prepared foods, having previously coated the top pita bread with mayonnaise. You are free to choose its taste yourself. Place the circles of crab sticks on the mayonnaise, distributing them throughout the sheet of pita bread.

Then lay the grated cucumbers and eggs.

After them immediately sprinkle the whole layer with grated cheese.

Roll all the pita bread rolls. You should not try to fold only one sheet, as it will not hold its shape, but will tear. Fold three sheets at once together.

Cut the cooked roll first in the middle into two parts, and then in portions. Its inside view is simply amazingly colorful, and the taste is juicy and tender! Serve appetizer with herbs. Have a nice day!

This wonderful twenty-minute recipe is also very budgetary, since at least 8 servings spent a minimum of necessary ingredients. Let's calculate its cost:

- 400 g of crab sticks - 40 rubles .;

- 4 chicken eggs - 15 rubles .;

- 4 cucumbers - 15 rubles .;

- 100 g of hard cheese - 15 rubles .;

- 3 tbsp mayonnaise - 5 rubles;

- 3 sheets of pita bread - 15 rubles.

Total: the whole appetizer in the roll costs about 100 rubles, and in it about 8 servings. It turns out that 1 serving of appetizer in pita bread costs about 15 rub. A great option for an attractive and tasty dish, not only for every day, but also on the festive table. Cook with us further, we promise to surprise you with culinary masterpieces more than once!

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