The most enviable bachelors of the planet: the prince and the golfer

Town & Country magazine has published a list of the most desired bachelors of the planet. The Top 40, which can be found on the official website of the publication, includes the most enviable, and most importantly, absolutely free men from around the world: actors, athletes, musicians, members of royal families, businessmen.

The undisputed leader in the rating was the British prince Harry. Interestingly, it was the younger grandson of Elizabeth II who managed to leave behind other bachelors. Here it is necessary to recall far from ideal, and sometimes even scandalous behavior of the prince. According to the publisher, Harry is attractive precisely because of the non-protocol image. “He resembles a joker in the royal family. Harry is cute and naughty. In addition, the prince dresses tastefully and knows how to pilot an Apache helicopter. That's why we consider him the best, ”explains Town & Country.

Golfer Adam Scott took second place.

A pretty attractive and successful athlete earned almost three $ 3 million in prize money last year. In third position was the son of fashion designer Ralph Laurent Andrew.

Also in the top 40 included Patrick Schwarzenegger, famous actors Jack Nicholson, George Clooney and other celebrities. It's funny that even 79-year-old writer Philip Roth is in the ranking of welcome bachelors.

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