Workouts at home for girls: videos and photos are attached! How to train a girl at home?

As popular wisdom says, "If you don’t know where you are heading, you will most likely get there."

To achieve maximum results from training, you must first set a task for yourself, to the solution of which you will move.

Training at home for girls: choose a goal and schedule

The goal should be narrowly focused, then it will be much easier to achieve its implementation.

For muscle growth in large quantities, calories are needed, and the calorie intake should exceed their consumption during training. The number of calories for each girl is calculated individually, it depends on the physique and metabolic rate.

But relief muscles will, on the contrary, when burning fat, which is achieved by reducing calorie intake. As you can see, the ways to achieve these goals are completely different, so you can not lose weight and build muscle at the same time.

The same goes for developing stamina and increasing strength. The first is achieved by a large number of repetitions at a low load, the second - by increasing the load with a small number of repetitions.

You need to know that each program needs to be devoted at least 8 weeks, even better - 12. Exercises can be changed, but the goal of training during this period should be one. If you devote a week to losing weight, a week to building muscle, then the efficiency will be equal to zero.

As a rule, when deciding to conduct training at home, girls have one goal - to make the figure more attractive. What is needed for this:

• You need to lose weight - we combine cardio and strength training.

• It is necessary to tone the muscles - we do aerobics.

• If you need to increase muscle - we focus on strength training.

Training at home for girls: video tutorials (overview: Gillian Michaels, Sean Ti, Leslie Sanson, domestic trainers)

One of the most effective means for training at home is video tutorials in which you can see all the intricacies of movements and exercises.

Jillian michaels - American fitness trainer, her program for training at home "Lose weight in a week" won the love of girls all over the world. In his program, Gillian skillfully combines cardio, weight training and abdominal exercises. The first results, which appear quite quickly, stimulate further training. According to the reviews of girls involved in this program, in combination with a reasonable diet, you can achieve amazing results. There is one caveat - it is recommended to train with Michaels in sneakers, doing barefoot, you can injure your knees.

Sean Ti - Another popular trainer, author of a number of dance fitness programs, varying in level of difficulty. The program especially loved by many Focus T 25 It is interesting in that it takes only 25 minutes, although in intensity it is not inferior to longer-lasting programs.

Leslie Sanson - author of the methodology "We go home". This set of exercises is designed to keep yourself in good physical shape with minimal cost. Ideal for people with a sedentary lifestyle, people with a lot of weight or who have health problems. In the first lesson, it is proposed to walk one mile, then two, and so on until five. “Walks” Leslie incendiary and to the perky music.

Natalya Korkh, also known as Natalya Efremova - Russian coach, former host of the Olympic Morning program on Channel 1, author of the program "Home Aerobics". The program is available to all women, regardless of age, physique and lifestyle.

Also among Russian coaches can be distinguished Julia Sinyagina with home aerobics lessons, which is also suitable for beginners and Olga Novikova with her outdoor workouts.

Workouts at home for girls: for weight loss

Programs designed to reduce weight also increase immunity, improve metabolism and positively affect the overall tone of the body. Methods and programs are now a huge variety, you can practice every day, every other day or several times a week. Undoubtedly, in order to exercise at home, you need a lot of self-discipline. Of the items needed for home workouts, you may need a fitball (fitness ball), a jump rope and small dumbbells (sometimes they can be replaced with bottles filled with water).

Here are some exercises to help you lose weight:

Slimming exercises for the hips:

• Squats. This is an exercise on the muscles of the buttocks and hips. It is performed without lifting the heels off the floor, with a straight back. In order not to create additional load on the knees, they should not go beyond the line of socks.

• Squats with the ball. It is performed standing. Grip the ball between your hips. Straining your hips, squat while holding the ball.

• Bicycle. Lying on your back, thighs perpendicular to the floor, lower legs parallel. A movement that simulates cycling. Running as long as you can. When performing, you should feel the tension of the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and hips.

• Mahi. It is performed standing, with a straight back. Raise the leg back and forth, then with the right foot of the swing to the right, left - to the left. The muscles of the inner thighs work.

• Squeezing the ball. It is performed lying, with legs bent. The ball is placed between the knees. Tighten your hips by squeezing the ball. After 30 sec relax and repeat the exercise.

• Mahi lying on his stomach. Lift straight legs one at a time or together.

• Machs with a bent leg. Performed lying on the stomach, hands under the chin. Bend your leg and perform swings up. This is an exercise on the back muscles of the thigh.

• Lunges. While standing, take a step forward with one foot, lower yourself onto that leg, transferring body weight to it. The back leg is on the toe, the knee is straightened.

Exercises on the outside of the hips are presented in this video:

Slimming exercises for the buttocks:

• Lift the pelvis, lying on the floor. Bend your knees, part a little. Hands are on the floor, palms down. Lift the buttocks 7-8 centimeters from the floor, lower, without touching the floor, and lift again. The exercise is slow.

• Lying on your back, feet shoulder width apart, feet on the floor, arms along the body. Raise your legs to your chest, alternately, then one, then the second leg. The back should be firmly pressed to the floor, the exercise is performed smoothly.

• Squats. Standing, hands on the waist, feet shoulder width apart. Every day the number of squats needs to be increased.

• Lying, legs straight. Raising the body by 45 degrees, raise the legs, pressing them tightly to each other. Raising the legs by 20 cm, hold them for 5-7 seconds, lower them. Repeat several approaches 20 times.

• Fitball exercise. We sit on it and begin to slowly rotate the pelvis. The back is straight. When performing this exercise, the muscles of the inner thigh also work.

Exercises for weight loss on the press:

• Twisting. Lying on the floor, lower back pressed to the floor, legs bent, feet on the floor. Raise the head and shoulders on inhalation, lower it on exhalation.

• Reverse twisting. In the same position, when inhaling, raise not only the head and shoulders, but also the hips, lower it as you exhale.

• The starting position is the same. On inspiration, raise the body to the knees, on the exhale, lower it.

• Hanging on the horizontal bar, raise slightly bent legs to the chest. It is important to maintain a vertical body position, not to sway.

• Lying to raise legs 90 degrees from the floor. Keep your legs straight, do not tear your back off the floor.

• Lying on your back, reach with your leg bent at the knee to the opposite arm bent at the elbow. Then do the same with the other foot.

• Lie down, slightly bending your knees, keep your hands behind your head. Raise your body until you touch your knees with your chest. The exercise is slow, for the first time 5 repetitions are enough, in the following days the number of repetitions should be increased.

• Sitting on the floor, lean back and rest on your hands. Raise your legs, bending at the knees, press them to the stomach. Then lower and straighten. Feet can be raised both both and in turn.

Workouts at home for girls: to strengthen muscles and gain relief

You can improve the relief, tighten muscles and eliminate sagging hands with the following exercises:

• Raising arms with dumbbells in front of you to shoulder level.

• Bench press dumbbells sitting. Hands with dumbbells spread apart and bent at the elbows. As you exhale, bring your hands up, moving along an arcuate trajectory. You can perform both sitting on a chair and leaning on its back, and on a fitball.

• Pulling on the bar with a wide grip.

• Pushups.

• Stand-up bench press. Pull the arm with the dumbbell over your head, then slowly lower it behind your head, bending it 90 degrees. Return the hand to its original position. This exercise separates the triceps very well from the rest of the muscles.

• Pulling on the horizontal bar with a reverse grip. The grip in this exercise is not wide, while the biceps are working.

• Bending the arms with dumbbells in the elbow joint also develops biceps well.

Exercises to improve the relief of the hands are shown in this video clip:

Workouts at home for girls: tricks and tips

During training, the following principles must be observed:

• Before you start training the muscles, you need to “warm up”, because untrained muscles are more prone to injuries, and ligaments to sprains. In addition, when heated, the vessels expand, which means that the load on the heart decreases. To warm up the muscles, you need to do a light warm-up for 10 minutes.

• If you have any medical conditions, consult a doctor before training.

• If you do exercises with a load (for example, with dumbbells), you need to choose the right weight. To do this, do the exercises 12 times. If the last few repetitions are given to you with difficulty - it means the weight is selected correctly, if it is very difficult - the weight needs to be reduced, it is easy to increase.

• Make sure that the exercises are carried out correctly; improperly performed exercises, at best, will not produce the desired effect, and sometimes can even lead to injury.

• To maintain the pace of the workout, between the approaches you need to take short breaks (30-40 seconds) so that the body receives a short break.

• Do not forget about a reasonable diet and a full sleep (at least 8 hours a day). You also need to consume a lot of fluid (at least 2 liters per day) - all this is necessary to improve metabolism and will allow you to quickly get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

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