The jaw near the ear hurts - can the pain signal a dangerous condition? We treat pain in the jaw near the ear

Often people feel pain in the jaw near the ear, unfortunately, in most cases this is a signal of a serious illness.

In no case should you wait for the pain to pass by itself.

The jaw near the ear hurts: causes

People can experience pain in the ear area for various reasons. In no case can not be ignored. After unpleasant symptoms occur, contact a medical institution. In no case should you postpone going to the doctor, as this can lead to serious complications.


The jaw near the ear can be sore as a result of bruises. When struck, the bone is not damaged, since the soft tissues take the whole blow, but when moving, the jaw still makes itself felt with pain.


The most common ailment that causes pain is osteomyelitis, purulent inflammation.

With the development of the disease, severe pain occurs, the body temperature rises, the person shivers, the lymph nodes increase. At an advanced stage, ulcers form. Severe pain in the jaw can be complicated after a sore throat.

Inflammation of blood vessels and nerves

A sharp, burning pain can indicate inflammation in the trigeminal nerve. The pain is always localized exclusively on one side.

Laryngeal neuralgia is another cause of pain. The patient feels excessive salivation, hiccups and coughing occur.

Red ear syndrome

The jaw near the ear can be ill as a result of erythroalgia. Due to the expansion of blood vessels, an ailment occurs, redness of the ears occurs. In most cases, pain occurs due to neuralgia of the laryngeal nerve, damage to the thalamus.


It may seem strange to many, but even tooth decay can provoke pain in the jaw near the ear. If you do not take measures to treat it in time, the roots of the teeth become inflamed, there will be pain that can pass in all directions. In order to get rid of pain, you just need to visit a doctor.

Removable prostheses and braces can also cause pain that radiates to different parts of the jaw. But if the pain appears after the installation of braces, then this is good, since the pain indicates their correct establishment.


Pain in the jaw near the ear may be due to the development of a malignant tumor of the bones. Before the main signs appear, the sensitivity of the nerves will disappear, numbness will be observed.


Another reason why the jaw can hurt is the consequences after otitis media. It is imperative to seek the help of an otolaryngologist.

The jaw near the ear hurts: when to see a doctor

If the pain is regular, it becomes more difficult to endure it; you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Self-medication in this situation can be dangerous, you can not warm the sore spot. As practice shows, the implementation of such measures aggravates the situation even more, especially if the pain arose as a result of an infectious disease. It is better to take an anesthetic and hurry to a consultation with a specialist.

How a doctor solves a problem

After a thorough examination, the doctor will be able to identify the cause of the pain. If it is related to dentistry, then most likely the following measures will be taken:

1. If a cyst or caries is detected, treatment will be performed. A few days later, after the cause is eliminated, and the wound from the operation heals, the patient will feel relief.

2. If the jaw hurts as a result of wearing braces, this is good. Correction of the bite occurs and pain should even be. If the situation allows, the doctor can slightly loosen the braces in order to reduce the pressure. But in the case when nothing can be done, you will have to be patient and be patient.

3. An incorrectly grown wisdom tooth must be removed. Otherwise, it will constantly interfere with neighboring teeth, and cause you discomfort. In no case do you need to be afraid of the operation, it takes place under local anesthesia, to date, not a single complication has been recorded.

4. If the pain occurs due to prostheses, they must be corrected. Moreover, this procedure must be done periodically.

It must be remembered that the pain, even of a slightly insignificant nature, can be the result of a serious illness, therefore, in no case can not be tolerated.

The jaw near the ear hurts: therapeutic measures

Many often ask the question, what should I do if my jaw hurts near my ear? Treatment will directly depend on the cause of the pain. Turning to a specialist, you will definitely have an x-ray examination, prescribe certain tests. In some cases, a neuralgic examination is required. With fractures, surgery is performed. With a dislocation, it is necessary to straighten the jaw.

With carotidinia, pain medications (Indomethacin) are prescribed, as well as antidepressants. Purulent diseases are treated exclusively in a hospital. The main treatment method is antibiotic therapy. There is an opening of abscesses and the removal of purulent contents.

Tumor treatment is also surgical. In this case, several types of treatment are combined at once - surgical, chemotherapy, and endowment.

Folk remedies

Many traditional medicine supplements general therapy, thereby helping the patient recover faster. Below are the most effective recipes.

Alcohol tincture

To prepare the tincture, you will need 4 tablespoons of acacia flowers, one glass of alcohol, or vodka. Pour the flowers with vodka, put in a dark place for one week to insist. Rub the drug into the jaw area for one month.

This recipe has a good alternative:

Drop a few drops of mumiye solution (10%) onto a cotton pad. For 5-10 minutes, rub the product into the jaw area where pain is felt.

In addition to such a compress, you can take the mummy inside. To do this, you need to take the following ingredients:

• 0.2 grams of mummy;

• one spoon of honey;

• a glass of warm milk.

Dissolve honey and mummy in one glass of warm milk. Every day, drink one glass of the product for two weeks.


To prepare a compress you will need:

• three tablespoons of chamomile;

• one glass of boiling water.

Pour chamomile flowers with hot water, set to infuse for 15 minutes. Apply a compress to your face, leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Perform two such procedures per day.

Various heating with salt or buckwheat can give a positive result, but unfortunately short-lived.

Important! Doing warming compresses is possible only after consulting a doctor.

You can rub fir oil in a sore spot. It has a good warming effect. But it can cause irritation on the skin, and the skin at the place of rubbing it turns red. Many recipes of traditional medicine write that this is a normal reaction.

Useful decoction made from yarrow. You need to take it inside. In case of an allergic reaction, treatment should be discontinued.

The jaw near the ear hurts: prevention and gymnastics

Medical gymnastics will help to bounce back. Sit comfortably and try to relax your facial muscles as much as possible. After that, proceed to the following exercises:

1. Strongly frown eyebrows, and then raise them.

2. Squint your eyes and make them circular movements.

3. Close your lips and smile. Repeat the exercise several times, but do not bite your teeth.

4. Inflate the cheeks strongly and retract them.

5. Make a tube with your lips and pull them out.

Every day, after waking up, perform these exercises, give each of them a few minutes. After you finish doing gymnastics, relax your facial muscles and run your hands over it.

After the course of treatment, it is necessary to carry out simple preventive measures that will prevent the re-development of the disease:

1. Try to dress according to the weather, not in the drafts.

2. If you have viral diseases, deal with their timely treatment.

3. Do not worry, avoid stressful situations.

4. Temper your body.

5. Periodically do self-massage of the face.

6. Eat correctly.

Any disease always requires close attention. Do not wait for the pain to pass by itself, be sure to visit a doctor and begin treatment.

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