August 18: what are the holidays today. Events, name days and birthdays on August 18.

Holidays august 18

Day of the Air Fleet of Russia

The festive events of Air Fleet Day are held on the third Sunday of August. It is believed that the main founders of this holiday are two, and both are very outstanding people in the history of Russia. Nicholas II - the last Russian Tsar, in 1912 ordered to create air forces and develop a new kind of army. Joseph Stalin in 1933 established the tradition of celebrating the feast of this kind of troops. In 1992, the Stalin initiative was supported by the authorities of the new Russia. The aircraft fleet today contains more than 6 thousand pieces of equipment. On the same day, the holiday and the air forces of Belarus are celebrated.

Day of the border guard of Kazakhstan

The border guards of Kazakhstan have been celebrating their holiday since 1992, and since 2012, officially, at the state level. The border guard headquarters in Kazakhstan and during the Soviet Union was one of the strongest in the country. However, today's Kazakhstan created its border forces from scratch. Almost 100% of the officers were updated, half of the personnel are contract soldiers. In contrast to 1.7 thousand km of "Soviet" borders, today Kazakhstan guards about 15 thousand km of its borders - including in the mountains, at sea, in the air.

Medic Day of Tajikistan

The feast of doctors in Tajikistan is dedicated to the birthday of the philosopher and scientist, the doctor Abuali ibn Sino, whose other name the whole world knows is Avicenna, a Tajik-Persian doctor. Avicenna, composing her "Canon of Medicine", combined all the knowledge that existed in the medical industry at that time. The first medical book of the oriental scientist was published in printed form as soon as typography was invented. In Tajikistan, the memory of the famous physician is so honored that they mark the day of all medical services in the state.

Folk calendar August 18

Holy Eusignius Zhitnik

Evstigney Zhitnik (in Russian) lived in the 3rd century in Antioch. Six years of service in the Roman army took place under several emperors, and once Eustigney witnessed a real miracle - an image of the Cross consisting of stars appeared in the sky. Eustigney saw this as a sign of victory in all battles. In an attempt to revive paganism, the ruler Julian the Apostate committed many crimes. The holy elder denounced the emperor, they want at that time he was 110 years old. For this he was executed by Julian.

On this day, Russian peasants conjure their harvests from evil spirits; for this, in the morning, a little hemp oil was poured on the mowing ground with the reading of prayers and conspiracies. The ceremony was performed 4 times, each time turning to 4 cardinal points. A bottle of oil was left on the field. In addition, in the afternoon, stems with several ears were searched for on the field, and stored until the next spring. The stalk with 12 ears was called the "uterine uterus" - grains from these ears were thrown into the ground at the very beginning of sowing.

On Evseev day, the first bread was baked from a new crop of barley, and ate with raw onions, salt, washed down with kvass. Onions were hung in bundles in a hut - the excellent antiseptic properties of onions are confirmed by modern science. At sunset, you can determine what December will be like - shout your throat in the field. A strong distant echo indicates that it will be sunny, a close echo predicts rainy weather.

Historical events of August 18

August 18, 1572 - Margarita Valois married King Heinrich of Navarre

Between Catholics and Protestants in the second half of the 16th century, wars broke out, with the participation of the crowned persons on both sides. Margarita was from a family of Catholics, the Bourbons are the leaders of the Huguenots. For the young King Henry, the advice of Admiral Coligny, an authoritative leader of the Huguenots, meant a lot.

After another war, negotiations began, which were consolidated in the form of marriage of the king’s sister and the leader of the small province of the Huguenots. However, on the day of the wedding, a real bloody massacre by the Catholics took place, destroying from 3 to 10 thousand Huguenots. Killed and Admiral Coligny. The future king of Navars survived, only promising to convert to Catholicism. This wedding became known in history as Bartholomew’s Night.

August 18, 1782 - Opening of the monument to Peter I in St. Petersburg

"The Bronze Horseman" appeared in St. Petersburg in the center of Senate Square on the orders of Catherine II, the author was the famous Italian sculptor Falconet. The court philosophers Diderot and Voltaire advised Catherine to turn to him. It was installed closer to the Neva, although Catherine wanted to put it in the center. Falcone acted in his own way.

On August 18, at the opening of the monument, Catherine climbed onto the balcony of the Senate building and ordered to open the performance. A real parade was held, commanded by Prince Golitsyn, Catherine herself drove up a little later. The pedestal is engraved with the inscription - "PETRO the first Catherine the second" - emphasizing Russia's commitment to the reforms of Peter the Great. The monument was named the Bronze Horseman in connection with the writing of the eponymous poem by Pushkin.

August 18, 1958 - the publication of the novel Nabokov "Lolita"

The novel, released in the United States, brought the author great fame. The scandalous topic interested the readers, brought a huge income to the author, although at first he was afraid of persecution and scandals. Nabokov himself translated into Russian. The novel was filmed twice - in 1962 by director Stanley Kubrick, and in 1997 the picture was shot by Adrian Line.

August 18, 1966 - the first photographs of the surface of the moon were obtained

The device, capable of transferring a person to the surface of the moon, has been developed for more than 5 years. It was mounted on the most modern equipment, capable of examining the surface of the moon and transmitting the results to the earth. "Lunar Orbiter-1" went to the Moon on August 10 and took a picture; on August 18, 229 frames of the regions of the Moon, its visible and invisible parts, were transferred to the earth. A detailed study of the lunar surface was also performed.

Born on August 18

Karol Bouquet (1957) - French actress

Already at the age of 19, she became famous by playing in the film by Louis Bünel, and in 1981 - “Bond Girl” (the film “For Your Eyes Only”). The career of the actress continues. She has been the face of Chanel for 15 years, advertising perfumes. She received "Cesar" for best actress, starred in 30 films, was engaged in winemaking and olive oil production.

Brooke taylor (1685 - 1731) - English mathematician, member of the Royal Society of London

A talented scientist studied mathematics on his own. His first work on the center of rolling appeared in 1708 in the journal Philosophical Transactions. Brook's interests were diverse - this was the flight of shells, the interaction of magnets, capillary phenomena, adhesion between liquids and solids, astronomical refraction in the atmosphere, and at the end of life, questions of religion and philosophy.

Liviu Librescu (1930-2007), - Romanian mathematician

Librescu has long been a professor of technical sciences and mechanics at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Before the war, he fell into the Jewish ghetto. After the war, he graduated and became a recognized scientist in Romania, then moved to Tel Aviv and lectured at the University of Aeronautics and Mechanics. He died from the bullets of a maniac right at the lecture, while holding on until the last moment, until all students were able to leave the audience. Students consider him their savior, believing that Liviu Librescu saved his life.

Vladimir Migulya (1945) - composer, singer, pianist

The very first song that made him famous is "Talk to Me, Mom." She became the laureate of the festival "Song-74". The famous songs "Stuntmen" and "Grass by the House" became classics of Soviet pop art, iconic works of their time. At the international competition in Osaka, Japan, Migula receives the Golden Key prize. It is interesting that the master of the Russian stage Igor Krutoy began his activity with Vladimir Miguli as a simple keyboard player.

Name day on August 18

Maria, Nonna, Vincent, Eustigney, Efim, Daria, Christina, Maximilian, Evdokia (Avdotya), Ivan.

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